diet meal delivery pune
diet food delivery pune

How to register as a new member?

Home Page >> Register >> Fill all the mandatory details >> Click on Register button >> Notification will pop-up as “REGISTERED SUCCESSFULLY” Login using credentials : Username & Password.

Where can I find the Menu?

Home >> drop down list in left corner (three horizontal lines) >> MENU

How to order with us?

Home >> drop down list in left corner (three horizontal lines) >> SHOP Salad/Addons >> Selections >> Add to Cart

How do I pay?

Home >> Cart icon (top-right corner) >> proceed through payment gateway.

How do I get a confirmation on my order?

An auto-generated invoice will be sent to the registered Email ID.

How do I pause my subscription?

Home >> Click on your logged in UserName >> dropdown >> My Accounts >> Orders >> Action Tab >> Edit >> Mention Pause Start Date & End Date >> Update Order E.g. If no salad is required on 23rd May (single day), then start date would be 23rd May and end date would be 24th May. It would be auto-calculated in the system.

diet food in pune

**Note: Intimation required a day prior before 7 pm only.

How many cancellations/extensions per subscription can be availed?

Weekly - 1 Day / Monthly - 7 Days (The extensions are auto-calculated) **NOTE: Anything beyond mentioned days can be canceled but it will be lapsed automatically (not extended further).

At what time can I expect the delivery?

Lunch between - 11.30 am to 2.00 pm
Dinner between - 6 pm to 9 pm

What are the delivery charges for Salads?

Its Free delivery across Pune/PCMC

What is the quantity in each box:

Each box is around 300-350 grams. However the proportion of Protein to Salad changes in each box.

What is the difference between three type of boxes:

Classic veggies box {300-350 grams} - Only Salad + Dressing
Salad Box - 100 grams Protein Source (paneer/chicken/Eggs) + 200 to 250 grams Salad and Dressing.
Premium Protein Box- 200 grams protein source + 100 to 150 grams Salad and Dressing.

What protein sources are available?

Veg Protein Source: Tofu Paneer (All Days)
Non-Veg Protein Source: Chicken (Mon/Wed/Fri), Eggs (Tue/Thurs)

Can we choose any Salad apart from pre-defined Menu?

Our Menu is fixed and no alternate salad can be provided apart from scheduled Menu for on-going subscriptions.

How many meals per day is delivered as per the subscription?

For each subscription 1 meal is delivered per day as per the selected slot.

What is the tenure of Weekly subscription?

Weekly subscription is 5 days. It is auto-calculated as per “start date” of subscription apart from Weekends. For e.g. In case if a weekly subscription starts Tuesday onwards, it shall continue upto next weeks Monday (5 Meals apart from Weekends)

What is the tenure of Monthly subscription?

Monthly subscription is 20 days. It is auto-calculated as per start date of subscription apart from Weekends. For e.g. In case if a Monthly subscription starts 4th March onwards, it shall continue upto next 20 days (Auto-calculated apart from Weekends)

**Please note that we do not have refund policy for any subscriptions.

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