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What makes us different?

Hey healthy foodies! You reached until here…that’s the first step towards healthy lifestyle! Kudos!

We at Salad O’clock strive to ensure that you stay healthy round the clock! Be it your lunch or dinner, the nutrition levels would be at par!

When we say Salads, all we can think of is sliced cucumbers and diced carrots, isn’t it? Hey we have tried to go much beyond the basics because we believe that every existing veggie, herb or a fruit carry their distinct set of nutrition. We have tried to combine them all together to treat your taste buds and provide you nutrition, helping you become a healthier version of yourself!

Protein is our major focus in our Salads as it is a macronutrient that is essential to build muscle mass. All the salads we offer are designed keeping into consideration the protein source contents like Chicken breast, Eggs, Tofu, Paneer, Sprouts, Soya and many more forms and combinations.

Monotony, what’s that? – We have 22 different Salads to offer you for 22 days of the month. Every Salad have a contrasting and complementing combination of veggies, fruits and lip-smacking dressings.

Say NO to MAYO!! – Yes, you read it right! We, at Salad O’clock, prepare mayo-free dressings, because your health is our responsibility!

Nutritional Value – When you are already motivated to eat healthy, we have a little more to offer from our side. We feel glad to ensure that the Nutritional Value of the Salads that you consume daily are well balanced and Calorie Deficit at the same time. This will help you to be on track to achieve your fitness goals!

Customisation – We understand that bodies have distinct requirements. Hence, we are more than happy to customise your Salads as per Weight loss or Weight Gain aligned with your fitness journey! We also give emphasis on your choices where we can customise your Salads as per your choice of protein source/Veggies/Dressings etc.

Fresh Veggies procured daily as per the pre bookings only to ensure Quality and Freshness of Salads

Free Home Delivery- We are glad to be serving in all the parts of the city including PCMC and Pune

Environment-friendly Packaging- We have ensured to be in sync with the environment by using Paper Tubs, Wooden Spoons and Brown paper Packaging which are 100% bio-degradable

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